it’s time to get focused, get clients, and get paid!

You don’t want a vanilla, cookie-cutter coaching business.

You don’t want some As Seen on TV consulting biz.

You certainly don’t want your dream to become just a freakin’ expensive hobby.

You want a practice that’s profitable, driven by your message and your vision,
oozing your personality and flavor, and filled to the brim with clients you LOVE.

You want a BADASS practice.

You know you’re flippin’ fantastic at what you do. Whether you went through coaching school or earned your credentials at the school of hard knocks, you learned what it takes to be a star at using the coaching approach to help people and you rock at it. But when it comes to making a successful business out of those finely honed skills, you find yourself thinking, “Um, how do I actually make MONEY now?!”

We’re bombarded with “expert” advice and overwhelmed at the sheer amount of noise in the entrepreneurial community. We’ve created laundry lists the length of our arms with all the things we’re *supposed* to be doing – building a snazzy online presence, attending all the biggest and baddest conferences, constructing a loyal following on every social media platform known to man, writing eBooks, creating a podcast series, building apps, becoming a professional speaker, and the list goes on.

And on. And on. And onnnnn.

But how on earth are you supposed to do all these things AND find coaching clients? And once you find a prospect, what do you do with them? How do you sell your services without sounding smarmy, gross, or douchey?

These questions get big… and ugly… and loud. And they too often drown out the voice of the confident, badass coach that once-upon-a-time drove you to start this whole endeavor in the first place.

Building a successful coaching practice doesn’t have to be so freaking hard.

It’s about damn time that we cut out the noise and focus on the absolute essentials to finding your people, building your biz, and getting effin’ paid.

I’m Coach Jennie, The Audacity Coach, and I get it. I specialize in helping “pretty awesome” people elevate into Extraordinary Individuals, with adventurous missions + lifestyles to match. My Audacity Coaching practice has helped some of the most brilliant, ambitious professionals around catapult their lives into the next level of awesomeness.  I diagnose suckdom, delineate strategies + drive people to ditch their dusty dreams and drum up new ones that rock.

As my client base has grown to include more and more coaches and consultants, I noticed that the struggles I experienced for years as I was building my practice were running rampant through the lives of my clients. And that shit just isn’t cool. In an effort to help you save the time, money, energy, and heartache I sacrificed to build my biz, Coaching Biz Badassery Bootcamp was born.


In this four-module, self-paced training course, delivered by moi’, you’ll learn everything I spent over 8 years fighting to figure out as a coach, all meticulously packaged and templated to shorten this big ass learning curve.

Module by module, we’ll tackle the biggest questions, problems, and heartaches that plague coaches and consultants of all shapes and sizes. Check out the details below to get a tiny little taste of what you’re in for:

  • Dig into your personality and figure out how to make it the centerpiece of your work
  • Stop agonizing over those ridiculous demographic niches and find a specialty that won’t make you wanna hurl
  • Ditch the professional jealousy and find out why it’s undermining your business growth

  • Master the sample session game from top to bottom the right way (and why you should never call it a sample session/consultation)
  • Build a referral-creation machine in 3 simple steps that actually freakin’ work
  • Craft a super effective, sleaze-free sales pitch that feels good and fits you

  • Learn how to make your onboarding docs and processes extensions of your brand and why they’re so essential to kicking off a lasting client relationship
  • Curate your messaging and badassery from one basic tool you’re already using but neglecting to see the power of
  • Break the Coaching 101 rules in a way that makes a huge impact and spreads your message through the world one client at a time

  • Discover the power of the dress rehearsal and how to leverage it to create kickass programs and raving fans for life
  • Arrive at the intersection of value, experience, and confidence to find your pricing sweet spot
  • Learn to shut up, listen, and let your clients teach you what works, what doesn’t, and how your biz is going to evolve

Look. I’ve been at this for some time now. I know what it’s like to struggle with figuring all this shit out. In 2006, when I decided I was the shit and was ready to put out a shingle and become The Audacity Coach I didn’t know what the &#@% I was doing. I was utterly clueless. So I spent oodles of time searching bookstores, libraries, and Google for experts, you know people who had been there/done that to share the ins and outs of this crazy business of ours. I spent YEARS working with one or two clients at any given time, spending more money on my biz than I was taking in. Eventually, I was able to figure out what worked, scrap the shit that didn’t, and build a business model, processes, and techniques that changed everything for me : I’m booked beyond solid now, with clients that inspire me to the ends of the earth, and people are now asking me how I managed to get here.

I have spent almost ten long years toiling over the what, where, and how of building my coaching biz and I hear my clients struggling through the same damn heartache far too often. In an effort to help more coaches avoid gray hair and remedy the heartburn of frustration, (and thanks to the incredible feedback I received from my recent eBook: ASK for Help, for Referrals, for Business) I’ve conjured up this hardcore course in coaching biz basics to shorten your learning curve… so you don’t have to suffer through the headaches nearly as long as I did.

Want in on a piece of this unapologetically bullshit-free crash course in building a successful coaching or consulting biz all in one self-guided program? Are you ready to get on your way to turning your solo biz into a bonafide bill-paying, mouth-feeding, life-changing coaching biz? Yeah, I thought so. Let’s do this.


This program was originally conceived and delivered as a live four-week fire-hosed-speed facilitated course. But let’s face it, you coaches and consultants are some seriously busy people with wacky schedules. Getting a bunch of you in the same place at the same time is freaking hard. So I am in the process of rejiggering this course content to help make this course accessible, effective, and affordable for as many coaches and consultants as possible. Coaching Biz Badassery Bootcamp is being repackaged into an epic self-guided, self-paced online program.

Video Presentations

A series of video presentations covering all the content outlined above.


Four mega-packed workbooks with activities, scripts, and templates for implementation.

Case Studies

Case studies of other coaches and consultants I’ve mentored using the same content and practices in the Bootcamp.


A bonus workbook chockfull of everything else I just couldn’t fit in the four modules.

“Another example of Coach Jennie’s brilliant ability to bring together a strong community and draw the best out of each of us with her signature cathartic shoves. Not only does Jennie know her sh*t in this business, but she also knows how to present a TON of valuable tips and resources into a refreshingly-engaging live training session, with action steps and worksheets that lead to the kind of aha! moments that will impact my business for years to come.”
Dana SitarAuthor + Digital Publishing Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

My clients have been BEGGING me to share some of my insight into how I find clients and I’ve been happily sharing it one-on-one. Now that I’m working with more and more clients, it feels like time to share it further. And after the RIDICULOUS success of my freebie ebook, ASK for Help, for Referrals, for Business, and some one-on-one conversations with some of the coolest coaches and consultants I know, I’ve learned that there are a helluva lot of people struggling unnecessarily. There is a solid demand for something bigger, better, and more badass.
Well, you’d think so. However, I keep hearing from my coaching clients (many of whom are also coaches) that this piece is woefully underemphasized. Many people go to coach training for the skills – which is lovely – but the coaches I know want to start a CAREER. And a career requires clients. In this Bootcamp, I’m going to give you EVERY trick in my arsenal to find great clients, close deals, and build a practice that you freaking LOVE.
I’ve been coaching for just under ten years now and I have learned a thing or two. I know what it’s like to feel like a phoney. I spent far, far too long working with one or two clients at a time and spending too much money doing shit that didn’t help me make a living. I’ve made hundreds of mistakes and wasted insane amounts of time getting overwhelmed by the noise out there. In the Bootcamp, I’m sharing the practice building techniques that changed everything for me to shorten your learning curve. It’s not for everyone. If you want a vanilla, run-of-the-mill practice, move on. But if you want a Badass business like mine, I’m willing to give you everything I got.
Abso-freaking-lutely. My coaching practice is booked solid with a waiting list because I put these exact methods into practice. And if you don’t believe me, read some fantastic testimonial love from previous Bootcampers below.
I’m Jennie Mustafa-Julock, The Audacity Coach. My bullshit-free approach to so-much-more-than-life coaching has been the catalyst for my clients to launch new businesses, publish their first books, negotiate career leaps, and adventure the world, and more. Simply put, I help driven individuals on the brink of something badass bust through obstacles and build the Audacious lives they’ve been dreaming about. You can learn more about me here.

Coaching Biz Badassery Bootcamp

Building a successful coaching practice doesn’t have to be so freaking hard. And getting help to do it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Just $50 and it's all yours.

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