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Hilda Must Be Stopped

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About the Book

Raise your hand if you’ve ever sabotaged your own dreams before you even started pursuing them.

Now raise your hand if your inner critic has ever gotten in the way of your ambition.

Throw that hand in the air if you’ve ever considered you may just be your own worst enemy.

Self-sabotage is real and it’s plaguing the world’s aspiring badasses. In Hilda, Coach Jennie’s debut book, you’ll learn why the voice inside your head relentlessly tries to keep you small when you’re onto something big. But more importantly, you’ll learn tips and techniques to conquer your inner critic, stop the self-sabotage, and become unstoppable.


Meet Hilda

Everyone has self-doubt. Everyone gets in their own way. Bottom line, everyone has a Hilda. Hilda is the name I give to your irksome, inner naysayer who constantly tells you how much you suck.

Her sole job in your life is to keep you small. To keep you stuck. To keep you safe. Because she doesn’t want you to get yelled at. Or get burned. Or feel embarrassed. Or fail.

And unfortunately, she’s really freaking good at getting her way.

In my inexhaustible obsession to understand Hilda and her self-sabotaging ways, I have surmised that not all Hildas take the same form. But after coaching hundreds of Audacious people over the last decade, I’ve noticed four very specific patterns :: Hilda’s Four BS Beliefs. And this book will help you overcome each of them in order to unleash that inner badass that’s been hiding.



About the Author

Coach Jennie, the Audacity Coach, helps badass individuals become unstuck and unstoppable through her coaching practice and speaking career.

Her BS-free approach to so-much-more-than-life coaching has been the catalyst for her clients to launch new businesses, publish their first books, negotiate career leaps, adventure the world, and more. Through 10+ years of coaching, Coach Jennie is committed to educating and inspiring driven individuals to squash the patterns of self-sabotage, get out of their own way, and go on to build the Audacious lives they’ve been dreaming out.

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